Alphington Station to Fairfield Boathouse

 Meet at 0915 for a 09.21 a.m., train departure from Eltham Station.  The walk will take about 3.0 hours.

We will leave Alphington Station at 09.50, and  walk 10 mins into Darebin Parkland (for a toilet Stop), then follow the path down to the Darebin creek and follow it to its junction with the Yarra.  On the way, (about 10.20) we will pass the house used as the residence in Dr Blake Mysteries.  A lot of the pathway is hard and used by bikes, until we reach the Main Yarra Trail.  Moring tea will be taken (10.55) near some logs just before reaching the Chandler Highway bridge.  At 11.15 we will continue to follow the Yarra on the path closest to the river to the Fairfield Pipe Bridge, the end of which we will reach by 11.35 (it is 5 minutes from there to the Fairfield boathouse.)  

From the end of the bridge we will descend back to the river and walk downstream till we hit the bat colony.  From there we will walk back into Fairfield Parklands parallel to Yarra Bend Road and walk to Fairfield station for our train home.

The walk is 50% bushy, but still picturesque, and soft paths will be chosen where available, which means a few small ups and downs.

Parts of the walk have been led by Cathie Roby in the past.  Bring you MYKI card if using PTV.

Activity Date Wednesday 19 Jul 2023
Categories SHORT WALK, Easy/Medium

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