You can choose an event by the:

Degree of difficulty - easy, easy/medium, medium, medium/hard, hard 


Type of activity – walk, ramble, bike ride, short walk, social event or base camp

Please note a category will not be displayed if no activities are scheduled.  For example if there are no hard walks planned you will not see the Hard Walks category.  To find events follow the steps below:

  • Tap on Events
  • In the sub menu tap BY CATEGORY
  • Scroll up and down the list to view all options
  • Tap on a category of interest
  • Tap event name (written in green text) to view details
  • Tap BOOK if the event is of interest. (If the event is fully booked tap JOIN WAITING LIST then tap PROCESS)
  • Tap the +SAVE  if you  would like to save the event to your calendar.  You have a choice of 3 calendars: Google, Yahoo or Ical 
  • If the event is not of interest tap the back ( ) button
  • If you have tapped BOOK please use the comments field for any of the following:
    • to ask the leader a question
    • to offer your help eg can drive when car pooling permitted
    • inform the leader if you are a prospective member
    • if you are bringing a visitor please add the visitor's details here
  • Tap BOOK NOW
  • You will receive a notification Booking Completed with details of the event you have booked 
  • Members who have joined the waiting list will receive a confirmation message.  If a vacancy becomes available the first member on the waiting list will be automatically booked and will receive a confirmation email.  If you are no longer available on this date please cancel your booking so the place can be offered to another member.