When you go to book an event you will be offered 2 choices:

  • Tap BOOK (if places are available) then tap BOOK NOW


  • Tap JOIN WAITING LIST (if the event is fully booked) then tap PROCESS

If you join the waiting list you will see a message on the screen saying Waiting list joined and an email thanking you for joining the waiting list with some additional information.

If a member cancels their booking the first person on the waiting list will be automatically moved onto the confirmed list.  If this is you an email will arrive confirming you are now booked into the event.  If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer available on that date you will need to cancel so the next person on the waiting list can be offered a place.  To cancel go through the same steps as booking an event but because you have a confirmed place you will see

You are already booked for this event CANCEL BOOKING.

Tap CANCEL BOOKING then you will see a pop up 

Do you want to cancel this booking?  Cancel   OK

Tap OK

You will now see a screen message Your booking was cancelled.


How to See Who is on the Waiting List

Please follow these steps

Tap Events



Tap the event of interest & scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Booking List.  Just below is a rectangular box with an arrow which allows you to toggle between the members who are booked on a walk and those on the waiting list.  Just tap the arrow to display the Waiting list.