If you wish to try us out and possibly become an adult member please click the Membership tab.

The Club welcomes visitors on a casual basis. Visitors may participate in club activities free of charge where:

  • They are adults invited by a member of the club to participate with the member.
  • They are members from other bushwalking clubs and bonafide travellers from outside the metropolitan area.
  • They are children participating in grandparent activities
  • They are members children under 18 years of age participating in an activity with the member.


  • The activity leader has the right to refuse visitor participation on the activity
  • Adult visitors are allowed to participate in up to two club activities after which they should apply for membership.
  • Adult visitors may not book on base camp activities without prior approval of the leader.

Visitor booking process:

  • Adult visitors must register with the club by clicking the link below and then book into the desired activity after logging in.
  • Members (eg: grandparents) accompanied by minors must provide the children/s names and emergency contact numbers in the Comment field when booking and accept the booking declaration/s on behalf of each child.
  • Members must place their childs name and emergency contact number in the Comment field when booking and accept the booking declaration/s on behalf of the child.

 Registration Procedure for Visitors aged over 18 years:

To be able to register using the link below, you must have a valid email address and be able to receive emails on the device you are using to register. When you register, you will be sent an email that you must click on the activation link to activate your registration. This activation email may arrive in your junk or spam folders. If you use another persons computer to register, you must be able to pick up emails sent to you using webmail or the like so that you can activate your registration. After sucessfully registering, you can login to our website using the user name and password you provided when registering. You can then use the Activities tab to view our activities and BOOK the desired activity. After BOOKING, if you display the activity that you booked on, you will have an option to cancel the booking. The booking process involves declaration/s that you must make to be able to participate in a club activity.

If you have previously registered with the club as a visitor, and this has lapsed, you should login with your credentials at the time the registration lapsed. Then click the LAPSED MEMBERSHIP tab, which will allow you to renew your registration as a visitor.