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Update 18th February 2021:
We can return to our "normal" walk group sizes however we must observe the current Covid 19 social distancing and mask rules.  We are not promoting car pooling yet so car parking will be a major factor in group sizes.  Please check the Events page for available walks.  Please refer to Bushwalking Victoria website for further information.

Diamond Valley Bushwalking Club is based in Eltham, Victoria and is affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria. The Club offers a variety of walks catering for all levels of fitness and ability ranging from a Ramble (6-8 kms)
to a Hard walk (20kms or more).

Day walks are offered on Wednesdays and Sundays and take place in a large number of different areas ranging from suburban parks to the nearby mountains. Historic walks around the suburbs of Melbourne are also on offer.

Basecamps, cycling and a range of social events are also offered. Trips within Australia, overseas and locally
are also undertaken periodically.

OUR FIRST MONTHLY MEETING in 12 months.  This Thursday April 15 at 7.30 pm
GRACE PARK COMMUNITY HALL, 135 Henry Street, Greensborough.  MEL 20 J4
(With car parking off Duncan St)

There will be a short meeting at 7.30 followed by an opportunity to chat and catch up.
Come and check out our new venue and say Hi! We look forward to seeing

The annual membership fee is $35 per member.

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